Friday, April 18, 2008

American Apple Pie

Made American Apple Pie yesterday. After the Lemon Tart episode, was itching to make another pie :D but pies have loads of fat content :( might not bake another one till next year or two.

Taken with Nokia 6300. It doesn't have the macro function so there's no way I can get pictures anymore clearer than the above (they're on the verge of getting blurer too).

The pie is baked in a 9-inch flan pan (it's written "pie pan" but since the bottom juts out, I googled and found out its a flan pan). Soft texture and delicious apples inside.
Substituted butter for margerine. Scared it didnt work out but its fine :D

Recipe here

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All the things I've made so far

Because of my faulty camera batteries, there would be no proof to show I made them, but I made them anyway (I should know it myself right):

1) Cinnamon buns (twice)
2) Chocolate piped biscuits
3) Currant(kismis) muffins (twice)
4) Plaited bread
5) Walnut bread
6) Crispy Oats Biscuits (failed - didnt cream butter and sugar according to instructions)
7) Chocolate Chip Cookies (failed - didnt cream butter and sugar according to instructions)
8) Banana Cake (twice - with help from Mom :D)
9) Victoria Sandwich (failed twice - did as recipe stated, 2nd time with sister's help but yield negative results)
10) Peanut Butter Cookies
11) Semprit Biscuits (instructions weren't clear, but cookies came out flat but soft)
12) Terengganu Butter Buns
13) Lemon Tart
14) Mango Pudding
15) Honey and Yogurt Muffins
16) Coffee Buns