Monday, January 28, 2008

Cottage Pie

Ah, the traditional cottage pie. Topped with loads of mashed potatos, that itself will send potato-lovers to potato-heaven in an instant! Below the whole load of mashed potatoes, is filling like fried minced chicken/beef/pork and vegetables!

My Mom loves pie, especially those with loads of mashed potatoes :D so decided to make this for dinner one day.

After frying all the minced chicken and mixed vegetables underneath, youngest sis helped mashed the potatoes (more like lumps in there) and then sealed the fried filling underneath, and sent them all into the oven (for the purpose of cooking the mashed potatoes.

1and half hour after it came out of the oven ^^ happy happy~

Things that actually boost me to go on with baking/cooking: When I see people eating my cooked food and they're happy, I'm also happy ^^

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