Monday, January 28, 2008

EVO Yogurt Cake

I came across this great recipe (it really is great!) for a yogurt cake. So far I've never heard of a yogurt cake, and it seems healthy, and according to the person who made it, it's easy.

Hence, I gave it a try.

Hehe, was waiting for it to rise :) The baking sheet is to balance the heat. Yes, my oven is the cheapo type.

The oven's being real idiotic, without fail, whatever cake i bake, it will ALWAYS burn the side and the bottom part of the cake (which touches the tin) :(
But the rest of the cake is nice and tasty :)Almost one hour after baking it...

Only the parts with badly burnt side are left (I don't blame anyone for not eating them =/)

Gotten the recipe from here *click*

The cake is really good :D Do give it a try :)

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