Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Places I'd like to One Bangsar

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant (Oriental food)
No. 63 Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22822555
-Butter crab, prawns (Vietnamese and Jiang Nan style)

Sagar (North Indian cuisine)
No. 63A Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22842532
-Biriyani specialties
-fresh Indian bread like chappati and paratha
-Butter chicken (complements bread)

Hideki Fine Cuisine (Japanese)
No. 63B Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22821111
-Goma Ramen (contains milk and mayo)
-Oyster Mayo Yaki (grilled oysters served with special topping)
-BBQ Lamb Cutlets

Assam & Garam (Malay specialties)
No. 63C Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22826286
-Assam pedas
-Baby Pomfret Noodles
-Tok Beef
-open for breakfast, has tea spread with roti jala, local kuih and prawn botok

Stan's Deli & Bar (traditional Malay cuisine)
No. 63C Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22826286
-freshly made nasi lemak (with choice of sambal and gravies)
-variety of sweets and savouries (profitroles and scones to cakes and pies)

Cungdinh Vietnam Restaurant (Vietnam food)
No. 63D Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22835088
-Beef Ball Noodles
-Fish Fillet with Dill served with crackers

Montien Thai Restaurant
No. 63E Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22833116
-Fish Skin Kerabu
-Nahm Prik Long Rea (Thai minced chicken, dried prawns and salted egg with a platter of raw beans, sliced cucumber and cabbage, fried eggplant, steamed okra and crisp flaked catfish)

Le Francais French Dressing
No. 63F Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22822510
-Salmon Tartare
-Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce
-Creme Brulee (signature dessert)

Nine@One Bangsar (located above Stan's Deli) (Western food)
No. 63C-1 Jalan Ara Tel: 03-21666680
-Cinnamon and Honey Souffle
-great place to hang out with family and friends for drinks

Vincenzo (Italian cuisine)
No. 63H Jalan Ara Tel: 03-22871686
-pizzas, pastas
-slow oven-cooked Canadian codfish
-Strawberry Baked Cheesecake

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